Welcome to my personal website

This is my personal blog where I share about the issues I care about.

I am the Executive Officer for Make Poverty History Australia and was previously the National Manager of Public Health for the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand.

I am driven by values of fairness and social justice and using my time, energy and skills to work to make our world a better place. Issues of particular interest include gambling reform, marriage equality and human rights, climate change, inequality, disaster recovery, and eliminating the worlds extreme poverty.

My values are informed by my life experience: the son of working class parents in Invercargill, coming out at high school when I was 14; the first in my family to attend University (Canterbury); five years working for MPs and Ministers; volunteering and standing for Parliament for the NZ Labour Party; and nine years working in the health, addictions and social services sector.

Warm regards,
Tony Milne, JP